The Mongol Empire is the longest kingdom kingdom.

Baghdad is the seat of the energy of Abbasid Caliphate and is led by Caliph Al-Musta'sim Billah. His position that makes him some religious leaders, which is the leader of Alexander, New Zealand in his book "(Bloomsbury, 2016). Caliphate is "theory, the theory principle of Islam" wrote Gillespie.

Despite the fact that he was a little controlled than Baghdad itself, Al-Musta'sim Billah refused to submit to Mongolia. He knows that Mongolia will attack other Muslim soil and that if he sent the appearance that Caliph was approved by these attacks, Favidau.

Mongoliangs surrounded and grabbed it about two weeks later. The army of Hulagu looting Baghdad and destroy "wisdom home," one of the largest library in the world at the time. Some of the historical records that won the Mongolic broke many books from the Baghdad Library into the Tigris river. Just how many destroyed methods destroyed is the story of modern history, but the city is destroyed and caliph were executed.

Even in a congle, the actions of Hulagu and his army is arguing. One of the most senior politics, who has changed to Islam in 1252, reported to condemnation of Caliph, Freeurean. The historic record says in 1259 Berke Khan wrote a letter to Möngke Khan, vowing that would make very pure blood. "Anyway, Möngke Khan died before the letter reached.