The first evidence of Maya sharing calendar for discovered in ancient

Archaeologists were surprised to find deer glyph. Later Maya Tzolk'in Notice to write words for deer instead of drawing instead of drawing animals, Stuart. He said in effectiveness, these pieces may be evidence of the Maya Script, he said.

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"We may be a small story in the article that it may be that this is the beginning of the writing system that they rarely are used." You added that it is unclear that where in Mesamerica of this calendar system began.

Two lines of these evidence helps to introduce everything together, canuto observed. "The text seems to introduce something really happening, and then the radiocarbon enterprise and the context of the date of support."

Education is "done thoroughly," The Science Teacher retired in Virginia Institute in the American Research Institute, Tell the Science Live in Email. The discovery is "evidence for the first-known calendar notification from the Maya region," he said.

The study was published Wednesday, April 13) in advanced magazine magazines.

Other Maya calendar is HAAB ', light calendar lasts up to 365 days but not accounting in the LEAP year; Figure Works and Long Calendars, tracking important time cycles and make a lot Brouhaha

"I remember all the unreasonable back in 2012 on the end of the cycle," Stuart said. "Everyone said, 'It is the Calendar ending.' But no, they do not understand that there is another cycle afterwards. "

Other calendar notifications that may be older than finding 7-derred, but these artifacts are proposed in the carbal carbon. Moreover, these carved stone is probably moved around, means that the site from the site may not reflect the date of this calendar, Stuart. For example, the Tzolk'in calendar was offered in Oaxaca Valley, Mexico has a date from 700 B.C. Up to 100 B.C. , According to several studies.

Once the 4-type calendar is considered, note "19"