The first computer of the world, antikythera mechanism, 'Start' in 178 B.C.

In their new documents, researchers have identified many reasons as they think of December 22, 178 B.C. This is the start date of the mechanism, which is the first date that all calculations made in mechanisms are based. It's like a temperature at the center of Kelvin.

For one person, there is a sun in those days, one that takes more than 12 minutes. Second, the next day, December 23th, is an important day, as an important day among many ancient people. They also be noted that Isia Festival - Celebration of Isis Isis Gods - was celebrated in both Egypt and Greece at this time. In addition, the Moon period begins December 22, the team writes on their paper.

This combination event has created a "rare force to make a memorable and easy and detective date of the scientist.

It is possible that the antiktysera mechanisms - another unrealistic question, it is usually possible to choose a more time from the future.

Live scientists reached to many scholarstors people not interact with research to find their thoughts on discovering team. Many can not meet when pressing, but those who receive doubts.

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File two-posted in 2014 shows that the start date is in 204 B.C. , Jones added. Document two of those documents have shown "the estimation estimates of Eclipse is calculated in a period of 243 B.C." And start and end with lunar eclipse.