Pisa Tower is falling?

As a Slant of the tower rose to 5.5 degrees, Italian government has taken to protect the key place, according to Fiorentino. In 1990, it was appointed the committee to reduce the things that would be reduced - but without disposal it and attraction of tourists.

"It is one of the Italian symbols," Fiorentino tells the life science. "There is a great debate about how much we can change the monument. ... It's part of the culture."

The committee has included the first 600 tonnes (544 tons of lead to the background of the tower in 1993, hoping to compensate south. But this does not stop the tilt rate, even after they have increased 300 tons (272 tons of north, along the north, along the Fiorentino. After a lot of brains, the panel tried to "denial" - that is using a long tap and use the area in the north of the Basic area.

As the soil is removed, the structure began slowly to rotate the north. These attempts fell to the tower that is not attached to 10%, making it a modern 5 degree work. "When they did it, they said they turned to the clock of the tower by 200 years," Fiorentino said. "

This is only a temporary solution, and it is impossible to predict how long the tower will be expected. Within 300 years, it can be tilted with 5.5 its range from the 1990s, switch to the light surface again. But at this time, the tower is safe in a couple of reasons, Fiorentino said.

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First, long interrupted with the construction of the tower gives the structure time to fall into the wrong soil, composed the next building. In addition, because the background is the tower is the column of it in the upper half, the center of the mass is lower than the ground, making it stable. The selffishino's self-investigation has investigated why the tower was killed in between the earthquake though it would be uncertainty. He and his colleagues learned that it is highly effective, thank you quad.

Although there is no physical intervention, the tower is constantly monitoring with tools with measuring history, such as tioneting and watering table. For now, symbolic history will live in the tower. Fiorentino says, "Ancient tourists want to build a meeting that," Fiorentino said. "They want them to be eternity."