Meeting of Tennen condested an ancient Egypt

Archaeologists in Egypt discovered an ancient pottery, and the date of the beginning of the period of Romanana Matouh, West Alexandria. Older employees used the website for the Carts of Amhorae - Carts used to store goods and shipping center of research center Archaeologists to the old and ancient tourist Ministry, including websites on the site, including the group joining chickens. Secondly, these things are led to the rock and one of the great conditions, performance, performance in translation.

Archaeologists have discovered the storage room, with food processing appliances and tablets. Some limestone buildings are used as temporary shelter for workers at place. One room was discovered with raised platforms and remains of Terracotta statues, suggested that it may be used for rituals. Some statues of such status as represented to God, the larvae of the larvae of God heads to God. Another room with amphodic stove and corpse of amphodic bone that contains the most commonly used fish bones have been used in food and selling food, street.

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The site went back to the beginning of Roman Romanian, which started in 30 B.C. Follow the defeat of her anthony and Cleapatra Emperor's Anthony Emperor Following the Roman Police with a Roman kingdom, including pottery products. The most common pottery spices through harvesting and surveying the Roman tour of the American Solobies.

Archaeological teams also discovered a small number of items at place, statue, animal bone and Alexander Great, according to the daily legacity. Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Bes and the frightening crown involves the increasingly discovered. BES is seen as the altar of music, merriment and childbirth, according to rosicrucian museums in California. The hooks fishing and anchor of the boat is also among the various items.