King John was sealed magna carta compound, but also remembered that one of the British bad guardians.

With a lot of land in France, this causes the increasing tension between Henry II and Louis Via, and the French king said the driving between his father and son.

"The tensions between the father and the son was flew in the war on 1173" while Henry II conquered at 1183 people died. Richard and give aquitine to John. "

However, Richard is not willing to abandon aquitaine giving his brother in the area where he had no military experience. "Richard, was fighting for eight years in the power of his powerful at aquitaine, will not surrender to the uncertainty of Henry's project.

Therefore, John was accused by his father leading an army into Richard's territory. Only 15 years old, traffic no competition with Richard, even joined Brittany their brother. "

In 1184, Henry II, went back to the throne after the death of a young king, called his son together to reconcile their differences. Richard will remain a Duke of Aquitaine, but John was knighned and becomes the Lord of Ireland. He was sent with 300 knights to establish the island of island.