From the garden in the Babylonian garden to pyramids at Giza, these ancient miracles do not disappoint.

The creation in the command of Pharaoh Phaoh II Philadelphus, who covered in Alexandria in the ancient world. It is built on the island of Pharos, located on the way to Alexandria's boat. A Causeway was created to connect the island to the mainland. The lighthouse has a mirror that reflects the sunshine during the day, and the fire was defined in the night and at another time it is needed.

Outlook for different lighthouse heights, but it may be about 400 feet high (122 meters). Library is at mid-14th century, teacher at Oriental and University at the Muqarnan School. Damages from quake and erosion of the coast and erosion contributes to its fall, even in the middle of the era.

Today, what's on the left side of the fire tower, along with the part with the countryside of ancient Alexandria, lying underwater. The rest of the lighthouse was discovered by archaeologists in 1994, and their education is in progress.

Rhodes Island, the vast sculpture shows Rhodes God has been built, about 280 B.C. , And fall down over 66 B.C. There is nothing that the colossus is still today, and the exact location and height of Colossus is the theme of the debate among the debate.

Self-statue may be more than 110 feet (34 m) in the article published in 2019 journal Journal Journal of Furism and Art. This may give up a total of 160 feet (49 m) kebric wrote, after which he analyzes the description by armored writers.

While the modern art show that imagine the status of Rhobone, Kebric wrote the potential place in the tip of the ACROPOLIS. Some temples are in place at that time, Kebric is written.

Create for Mausolus, Satan of Caria in the North Anatolia Died in 353 B.C. Roman Plany Planet Plders (A.D. 23 to 79) Writing the best building - worked together in this project.

When Artemisia, Mausolus's wife, died about 350 B.C. , Mausoleum is incomplete, and it is uncertain but despite this, the team was pressed. However, "they did not leave their work

Pliny wrote that the building is 140 feet high (43 meters high) and there are 43 meters foundation of the pyramid with 63 columns on top. The remains of Mausoleum is also visible today, but they lie in the wreck - the time of stone gradually led to mausoleum.